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Intech Holdings Limited has built a reputation as a leading agent of high technologies and remarkable quality access hardware and fastening solutions from Southco, PEM, Accuride, Richco, LAMP, Y.S. TECH, POP, YMMOT, Elesa+Ganter, Nadella and Lee Spring,who are all the leading principals in their field in U.S.A., Europe & other countries.


Intech Holdings Limited has established successful operations in the northern part of China. Besides adding values to the partner’s products and service by expertise in marketing sales and distribution, Intech Holdings Limited also brings to the partners local knowledge, innovation and ability to create growth in value through network and connection.


With multiple product lines, Intech Holdings Limited is capable of providing one-stop value-added access hardware and fastening solutions to the customers who are coming from many industries, i.e. Telecom, Medical, Industrial Equipment, Electronics, Automotive, Marine, Aviation, Metal Working and Military.


Intech Holdings Limited sets team work, customer care, respect and socially responsibility as the company values. Please visit our website for details.


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