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Elesa+Ganter and Intech Signed Distribution Agreement

On November 18th 2013, ELASA+GANTER China Co., Ltd signed distribution agreement with Intech Holding Limited, and appoints Intech Holdings Limited as a non-exclusive distributor of its range of standard elements.

Elesa+Ganter ELESA+GANTER® is a commercial joint-venture between the two world leaders of standard machine elements: Elesa S.p.A (Monza, Milano, Italy) and Otto Ganter GmbH & Co. KG (Furtwangen, Germany).

ELESA® (founded in 1941) and OTTO GANTER (founded in 1894) have been co-operating for more than 35 years to create market synergies and to develop products which are in line with the market. In 1995 the two companies started to set up a common sales network under the trademark ELESA+GANTER® to offer the widest range of standard machine elements with a unique design, a perfect service and with the ability to create special customized solutions in a very short time.

The joint-venture made its first steps into the East-European market and today it covers more than 30 industrialised countries.

In order to create a closer relationship with the customers, ELESA+GANTER branch offices were founded: ELESA+GANTER Austria, ELESA-GANTER Iberica (Spain), ELESA+GANTER Polska (Poland), ELESA+GANTER China, ELESA+GANTER CZ (Czech Republic) and lately ELESA+GANTER INDIA.
A full localised stockholding of standard elements, trained staff and an on-site machining service combine to provide a wealth of knowledge to the customers.

Almost all the requirements can be easily satisfied when dealing with metal and plastic elements.

Thanks to the close liaison with well educated engineers from ELESA and GANTER special technical solutions can be developed focusing on design, performance and industry quality.

ERP systems are the heart of a powerful service.

Managing and controlling every step in the production, logistics and offices. Full stock availability ensures complete deliveries on time.



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